Magento Vs. Woocommerce Vs. Prestashop: Which is better for your online store ?

If you are newbie and wants to start a eCommerce store, you have to think about that which platform is best. But there is a nothing like “Best”. Every business has different requirement so you have to choose platform based on the your own requirement. This article will help you to give a brief look of magento, woocommerce and prestashop.

If you are currently running a online store, and looking to integrate some eCommerce service to grow your business, you may be a feeling somehow confusion with the variety of options that are available.

In this article, i am going to highlights some of the pros and cons of the three most popular solutions – Magento, Woocommerce and Prestashop- to help you make the final decision for your eCommerce store.

I know you have heard about magento and wordpress but have try to search about prestashop ? let me give you a some brief input about prestashop. It’s a free open source eCommerce platform written in PHP programing language with support of MySQL database management system. Currently it has approx 250,000 shops worldwide and it’s available in 50+ different languages.

It’s started as a student project in the paris school. The story is inspire a lot you can read it more about prestashop here.

I am not here to just compare three platform, But i used this three platform and writing a review about them. So, let’s start to discuss about this three platform.

Magento Vs. WooCommerce Vs. Prestashop – The similarities

Architecture wise it’s similar product. It’s a customizable , SEO friendly, They have number of theme available and have a strong online support community which drive more sales. All are content management systems, allowing you to manage contents in the most simplified yet effective way possible. However as i am running a WooCommerce store wordpress being a more content oriented platform compare to both.

Here, First we discuss basic about these platform. After that will go through identify your purpose and finally concluding that which platform is better for your. I will start discussing from wordpress.

WordPress WooCommerce

As we all know wordpress is an open source blogging platform and WooCommerce is a content management system. Over approx 50+ million websites are run on wordpress it means total approx 15% of total websites are run on wordpress. And approx 1.8 million are active WooCommerce store, comprising 40% of total eCommerce store are run on Woocommerce. eBay use wordpress for blog. WordPress being more user-friendly, It’s famous to providing an easy to embed plugin architecture and also template customization. And the Basic eCommerce functionality full-fill by popular WooCommerce plugin, which are free to download from wordpress store. In the wordpress store there are other plugin available like WP eCommerce,Jigoshop,WP eShop etc. But approx 78% wordpress user are using wooCommerce for eCommerce. There are many other plugin for SEO(Search Engine optimization) like YOAST is a very famous plugin for WordPress. And it’s freely available in wordpress store.


It’s similar like wordpress, it’s a based on the open source technology. Magento is an eCommerce platform with lots of unique eCommerce features that reached 150,000+ trusted online store. Magento offer high level of Customization and functionality that renders merchants with the flexibility to setup eCommerce store. According to user need they provide a grete feature like user can manage multi store, Generating reports, Mobile commerce, Search Engine Optimization And other management tools. Magento has more source than wordpress third party extension. For example if you running magento store, there is extension for custom option Manager. If you are selling your product in multiple store and you want to manage it into one place, there are many companies who are creating a third party extension based on your requirement. And you can easily hire magento developers.

There are two version available of magento

  • The Enterprise Edition
  • Community Edition

The Community Edition is available for free you can download it from it’s official website. This edition user aimed for developers who know their way around magento or alternatively for small business who wants to hire magento developers on their self. This is an open source solution and gives you basic magento functions as well community support. In the basic functionality such as a adding products ,categories, User management , Coupons , You can install third party extension as well on community edition. You can use features that are unique to magento like creating multi store, support multi language store etc.
The Enterprise Edition is a paid version, the paid version gives you a more feature compare to community edition. It will gives you expert support as well as thousands of extensions and features that you can use to make powerful your store.


Prestashop has more than 300+ built in features for managing product listing, payment, shipping , manufacturers and suppliers.  User can customize prestashop store theme and add new features through add-on extensions. It’s allow others to create theme and modules to merchants and sell it on Prestashop addons marketplace. Prestashop provide basic responsive theme. And also user can install or develop their own themes.

User may install modules directly within the admin panel or develop their own module based on their requirements. There are many private companies who give a support to manage prestashop store and they also build modules based on the user requirements.

According to the, the market share of prestashop for eCommerce website is around 9%. And it’s user based on the european country.

Here i show you figure of market share

Compare Magento , WooCommerce , Prestashop

Magento WooCommerce Prestashop
Basic Info

It’s an open source platform. Owned by eBay

It’s a wordpress plugin available in wordpress plugin store. Used for creating Online store It’s also an eCommerce platform hosted in cloud or can download from prestashop website.
Overall User Rating  ★★★★★  ★★★★   ★★★★
  • Multiple website
  • Thousands of third party extension
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Customer service
  • Web Designing
  • Freely available for small store
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content Management
  • Customization
  • Quick install feature
  • Powerful set of integration
  • SEO
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Prestashop web agencies
  • Shipping configuration and partnership
Business type Large Enterprise | Medium Business Small Business | Large Enterprise | Freelancer | Medium Business Small Business | Freelancer
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As per my opinion this three platform have their own unique functionality. As we discuss above magento is famous for manage multiple store, Multi language store, Magento has number of third party extension, Developer can customize your requirement. WooCommerce is open source and freely available for download. Maximum eCommerce store are currently using woocommerce. And for prestashop it’s widely used in european country. It’s most famous platform in Europe. So this are the information about eCommerce platform there are many platform available in market you can choose based on your need. If you are running a big store then you have to hire developers.