Solution for Upload HTTP Error on Image in Magento

Solution for Upload HTTP Error on Image in Magento

We have written this short technical note for those who are using PHP 7 Version and having an issues while uploading product images and getting an error like “Upload HTTP Error”.

So. Don’t worry about “Upload HTTP Error” in Magento 1.X version. We have a solution for that kind of error.

To solve this error you just need to follow some simple step which are listed below.

You just need to make changes in Uploader.php file which are located at /lib/Varien/File/Uploader.php. So, for that go to the magento root directory and open Uploader.php file from /lib/Varien/File/Uploader.php. And find the following code


And replace it with


I hope this short Magento technical note helped you to solve “Upload HTTP Error” error on Magento 1.X Version, And don’t forget to bookmark it for your future reference. Bookmark it for your future reference. If you have any problem or ideas don’t hesitate to leave comment below.

I Hope this will help you. and incase if this solution is not working for you and you find another solution for that then I’ll request you all the guy’s please share to all.

Thank you ☺,
Mayank Zalavadia